Port Salerno Marine: Yard Rules & Agreement

When you arrange to have your boat hauled with us, you will be given a hard copy of our yard rules to review and sign.

The #1 item we need from you is a certificate of insurance adding us as additionally insured.

Your Insurance company must email the COI to portsalernomarine@yahoo.com.

 If you have any questions about these policies, please contact  772 -223-5022 and speak with the manager.

Tools & Materials

Customers may purchase their materials wherever they please with no charge from the Boatyard. 

We can not loan tools. We will also provide quotes for material lists as requested. 


Parking next to your boat is permitted, but please be available at all times in the event that your vehicle needs to be moved. You may also park outside of the working yard.


Subcontractors are welcome to work for you, but a certificate of insurance from the subcontractor's insurance company must be emailed prior to working and must be provided to the front office. Certificate of Insurance must list Port Salerno Marine as a certificate holder. Sub contractors must check in with the office daily, upon entering Port Salerno Marine property. Yard rules apply directly to subcontractors, breaking said rules will result in being banned from the property 


Work Area

We ask that you maintain the area around your vessel and that you keep it orderly and clean.

You will be responsible if any material from your boat drifts onto other boats or vehicles.

Alcohol is not permitted in the work area at any time. Personal Vehicles are not allowed in the yard except for loading or unloading. Sub contractors are allowed to bring vehicles into the yard as long as they have been registered in the office first. Personal vehicles left in the yard for more than 12 hours will be towed at the owners expense. 


All Hauls shall be paid at the time of service.  Yard storage and other charges must be paid in full by the 1st of each month or at the time of Launch, whichever occurs first. 

Payment may be made by Credit Card, Check, or Cash . Unfortunately we can only accept checks drawn from local banks. Remember, No cash, no splash!

Boat Stands

Do NOT move the stands under your boat. Let the office know the day before you need the stands moved and we will be happy to do so for you. Attempting to move the stands on your own can be dangerous and may result in property damage, severe bodily injury or death. Any person moving stands will be banned from Port Salerno Marine.

Waste Liquids/Oil

Bilges may not be pumped out onto the ground. NO hazardous materials may be disposed of in an unlawful or unapproved way. Environmental fines will be applied if there is a Hazmat incident. If you have any questions on the disposal of your materials, please ask the office for guidance.


Spray painting is NOT allowed. We do all our sanding and painting in house.


All sanding must be done by Jolly Roger Marine Restoration is order to follow EPA standards.



We require at least one day notice of your intent to launch, or your desire to have the stands underneath your boat moved.


I hereby authorize Port Salerno Marine to work on my vessel. An express Mechanic's lien is acknowledged on my vessel to secure the amount of work. It is also understood that Port Salerno Marine will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the vessel (or articles left in or with the vessel) in case of fire, theft, accident, inclement weather conditions or any other cause beyond boatyard control. The customer hereby releases Port Salerno Marine from any liability for injury that the customer, family or friends of the customer may incur while on the premises. The customer hereby agrees to provide by email from their Insurance Company, a Certificate Of Insurance/ COI naming Port Salerno Marine as additionally insured certificate holder.