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 Port Salerno Marine:

Yard Rules & Agreement

When you arrange to have your boat hauled with us, you will be given a hard copy of our yard rules to review and sign.

The #1 item we need from you is a certificate of insurance adding us as additionally insured.

Your Insurance company must email the COI to

 If you have any questions about these policies, please contact  772 -223-5022 and speak with the manager.

Boat Length

Haul & Storage rates are based upon the actual space the vessel occupies, including pulpits and platforms, NOT the manufactures label. We measure when we haul and that will be the price on the invoice. If your boat is longer than stated it may not fit in the designated space.


All vessels must provide a COI- Certificate of Liability adding MIAMAR LLC. dba Port Salerno Marine as a Certificate Holder, additional insured PRIOR to haul. Certificate must be emailed from Insurance company to


Hauls shall be paid for at time of service. Storage and other charges must be paid by the 1st of each month or at the time of launch, whicever occurs first. Late fees will apply to balances paid after the 1st. 

Tools & Materials

Customers may purchase their materials wherever they please with no charge from the Boatyard. 

We can not loan tools. We will also provide quotes for material lists as requested. 


Vehicles are allowed for loading and unlading of materials only. Please park outside the yard other times. If it is essential to park near your boat please inform the yard for special instructions. 


Approved Subcontractors are welcome. If you wish to bring in outside help be sure they are cleared to work in the yard or make application for approval before beginning work. Unapproved subs are not allowed per Insurance requirements and cannot be used until cleared. Contractors must sign in at the office every day. 

Work Area

We ask that you maintain the area around your vessel and that you keep it orderly and clean. you will be responsible if any material from your boat drifts onto other boats or vehicles and will be charged yard time for clean up if crews deem it necessary for the safety of others. Alcohol use is strictly forbidden. 


Boats may only be plugged into power during the day. No perishables may be left on board. 

Boat Stands

Only trained yard employees are allowed to move or adjust boat stands. A one time move is included in your haul. Schedule boat stand moves with office. 

Waste Oil

Bilges must not be pumped out on the ground. We can dispose of waste fluids for a fee. no hazardous materials may be disposed of in an unlawful or unapproved way. Contact the office to make arrangements for Hazardous Material disposal. Fines will be charged for containers left by the shop or away from boat work area. 


All sanded materials must be contained by vacuum sanders or draping. 

Notice to Launch

We require at least one day notice to schedule a launch.


I hereby authorize Port Salerno Marine, and approved contractors that I hire, to work on my vessel. An express Mechanic's lien is acknowledged on my vessel to secure the amount of work. It is also understood that Port Salerno Marine will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the vessel (or articles left in or with the vessel) in case of fire, theft, accident, inclement weather conditions or any other cause beyond boatyard control. The customer hereby releases Port Salerno Marine from any liability for injury that the customer, family or friends of the customer may incur while on the premises and understands their vessel insurance will cover any and all injury to themselves, family, or friends. 

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